It used to be next to impossible for the Mac users amongst us to get the sort of Dial Up Networking support that many of our PC-using brethren have enjoyed for years. Jerry-rigged modem scripts and janky proxy solutions aside, Boot Camp/Parallels was our best bet for a viable on-the-go internet solution from our handsets. iMobimac hopes to change all that, at least for the ‘Berry toting crowd. While certainly not the OEM solution we’d like to see from RIM *Cough Cough,* it certainly appears to be a step in the right direction. Public information on this is a bit sparse at the moment, with no details on whether or not this will provide true USB tethering, or rely on the Bluetooth DUN protocol, but with 15 days left till the full launch it can’t hurt to throw your name in the hat. We’ve also been giving a first look at the software. As soon as we go through it, we’ll post our findings and let you know how it works. This should work with most, if not all, recent model BlackBerrys too. Hit the link for more details!