Those familiar with Adobe products are probably already aware that Creative Suite 3 is now all the rage, with popular products such as Photoshop and Illustrator as part of the package. In a new ad campaign being launched by Adobe, a 7-foot by 15-foot projection has been created at the Picadilly Circus Virgin Megastore in London with some pretty cool interactivity. As you walk by the wall, infared sensors will lock on to the closest person, who will now have control of the slider at the bottom. The screen will move and morph, playing music and exploding with color and animation, all the while touting the phrase “Creative License…take as much as you want.” The aim is to attract new customers without dumbing everything down so as to frustrate the professionals that have enjoyed the products for years. “There was an interesting problem here; because we’re at the highest level of creativity, we aspire to the very best, but you want to bring new people into the creative world,” said Rich Silverstein, co-chairman of Goodby, Silverstein. “So we came up with the idea of the slider.”