Why must some of the best gadgets never reach our poor, tech-starved shores? iRiver’s new NV "multimedia navigation device" is one finer thing that makes me wish I lived in Korea. Kinda’. This thing is drop dead gorgeous, not to mention incredibly well appointed. GPS, 2 SD slots, FM transmitter, and a 1.3 megapixel shooter are just some of the juicy features this baby has to offer. The 840 x 480 backlit LCD isn’t too shabby either, and the single "big nob" navigator is quite fetching. The camera is able to send GPS tags, allowing you to get your geo-tagging on in high style, and the media player supports most common file formats, in addition to OGG and DivX. I’m drooling already. The NV, unfortunately, is specific to South Korea. Oh, the savage pain of unrequited love.