TELUS and Bell Canada subscribing BlackBerry addicts might be in a for a bit of disappointment here. The BlackBerry 8830 World Phone was supposed to be formally announced yesterday, with a projected ship date of June 22nd. Due to "unknown issues," however, the device launch and ship date have been pushed back indefinitely. While we don’t know exactly why RIM has recalled the device, we do that it is a RIM issue, not a carrier problem, and that all devices have been recalled pending a fix. TELUS is still hoping for a launch announcement by the end of June, but given the ambiguity and scope of the issue(s), we have our doubts that they will be able to pull that off. Is it just us, or is RIM having more than its fair share of issues with the BlackBerry 8830? First Verizon, then Sprint, now this? I guess it wasn’t as easy as Mike said, to "port GSM models over to CDMA". Come on, guys!

Thanks, Trever!