Wowsers! This just keeps getting better and better. Sony has experienced the legal equivalent of an atom bomb over the course of the last couple of months, with lawsuits big and small hitting the company from all angles. It looks like they might have to contend with yet another lawsuit, this time from an unlikely source. The Church of England (yes, that Church of England) is unhappy with Sony’s portrayal of the Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: The Fall of Man. The Bishop of Manchester has apparently condemned the game, claiming that the company had no right to reproduce the cathedral’s interior for monetary gain. The Bishop wants Sony to remove the game from store shelves immediately. It is unlikely that the game, which has already sold over 1 million copies, will be affected in the long run, but this spate of legal wrangling has got to be taking it’s toll on the company.  They should consider themselves lucky, I suppose, that King George III isn’t still around, or they could find themselves in a world of physical and legal pain.