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HTC Fuze returns to AT&T site

After a number of false alarms, it looks like the HTC Fuze has begun its entry into AT&T corner of the web. The handset has shown up on a rebate sheet that was >>

Sprint Touch Pro now available on web

Woo! Sprint customers in need of a sexy new smartphone will be happy to learn that the Touch Pro’s limited availability is now a thing of the past. HTC’s beast of a QWERTY >>

Fresh Sprint Touch Pro shots

Getting a little frustrated with the lack of Sprint Touch Pro news? We feel your pain. In an attempt to alleviate a bit of suffering, we’ve managed to come up on a series >>

O2 Germany to get the HTC Touch HD posted some beautiful photos of the Touch HD on their website Sunday. Some more eye candy for those of us who just cant get enough of this sleek and sexy phone. They >>

HTC Touch Pro hands on!

If you’re a big fan of Windows Mobile, there’s no doubt you’ve been looking at the HTC Touch Pro. It’s the finest Windows Mobile device to come out of HTC so far, we’d >>