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PlayStation games coming to Tegra-based, Android devices

According to information posted in NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone Android application, Sony PlayStation games will be making their way onto Tegra-based, Android devices in the not-to-distant future. “Sony Computer Entertainment is bringing its PlayStation >>

Motorola ATRIX 4G hands-on!

We scored some hands-on time with the brand new Motorola ATRIX 4G for AT&T earlier, and it’s definitely impressive. Running a 1GHz Tegra dual core processor, the ATRIX 4G is a perfect example >>

Dell Streak 7 hands-on!

We have to be up-front about our hands-on time with the newly announced Dell Streak 7… it was brief. We found ourselves with just a few minutes of time to spare between the T-Mobile >>

Google and HTC launching Chrome tablet with Verizon?

Are Google and HTC planning to launch an Android tablet on Verizon Wireless before the holidays? According to Download Squad, yes. They even have the launch date pegged for November 26th — Black >>

Future Apple hardware to be powered by AMD?

Those sleuthing Apple informants seem to have struck gold once again. After noticing a continuous stream of AMD bosses and representatives travelling to and from Apple’s Cupertino campus, they’re now reporting that Apple >>

Apple's automagic GPU switching technology explained

Ars has a great technical article up about exactly how, when, and why Apple’s automatic graphics switching process occurs in its line of Macbook Pro laptops. For those not familiar with the automatic >>