Epic 4G News

Sprint confirms Froyo updates for Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab

Sprint on Monday confirmed that two of its popular Android devices, the Samsung Epic 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, will receive software updates this week. BGR reported on Friday that the Epic >>

Samsung ships 1 million Galaxy S phones

Today, via a press release, Samsung announced that they have sold shipped one million Galaxy S phones in just over 45 days. Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile, had this to say: “Bringing >>

Sprint Samsung Epic 4G user guide live

If you’re thinking about picking up an Epic 4G from Sprint on the 31st, and want to know exactly what you’re getting into, Samsung has got you covered. The company was kind enough >>

Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G teaser site goes live

Sprint’s second 3G/4G dual-mode handset, the Samsung Epic 4G, now has its very own teaser page. For those of you closely following the genesis of the Epic handset, there isn’t much this new >>

Sprint Samsung Epic 4G spec sheet emerges

Excited about the Sprint Epic 4G? Want to know more official specifications? Great, because the folks over at sdx-developers.com got their hands on the spec sheet for the Epic 4G. Here is what >>