The Dev Team calls it their Little Pwnie, we just call it awesome. In the same week that QuickPwn was released to the public it already has a solid update under its belt, and it’s a pretty solid update to boot. First and foremost, 2.0.2 is toast. Fin, finition, acabado, terminado and done. Yep, it took less than three days for the Dev Team to handle that release so no worries there. The other big revision is the GUI. A dev who goes by Poorlad mixed up his special sauce and gave the UI some nice flare as the old GUI was a bit, well, old. Remember QuickPwn is only for pwning and won’t update your iPhone software so you’ll need to handle that part with iTunes. Here’s a quick run through:

  1. Download and open QuickPwn
  2. Select iPhone 3G
  3. Browse to the IPSW (you can download this file from iTunes, then dig it up)
  4. Select Cydia / Installer / Boot Logo etc in QuickPwn
  5. Go! (read instructions on screen)
  6. Wait
  7. Enjoy