WebKit now working on Windows Mobile

WebKit is the amazing bit of code that serves as the technical foundation for many of our favorite browsers. WebKit also powers Nokia’s mobile browsers, the iPhone’s Mobile Safari, as well as desktop offerings from a variety of sources. Mobile Safari is arguably the most impressive aspect of Apple’s iPhone, and anyone that’s played around with a recent version of Nokia’s web browser knows just how powerful the little bugger is. There is, however, a missing link. WebKit has yet to be ported over to Windows Mobile, leaving the Microsoft crowd to languish in the world of Pocket Internet Explorer and Opera Mobile. That is, of course, until now. Wake 3, a mobile software company, has finally developed a version of WebKit that runs natively on Windows Mobile. The program is far from perfect, but does offer a window into a world of possibilities. Imagine a bit of tap-tap zoom goodness on an AT&T Tilt…


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