The recently announced HTC S730 was a much needed upgrade to HTC’s Vox. Some quick updates to the device include UMTS/HSDPA, a 400MHz processor, refined QWERTY keyboard, front-facing camera, and a couple other tweaks here and there. We liked the HTC Vox at first, but we soon found out the QWERTY keyboard was nearly unusable and the handset was a little but underpowered. How did the HTC S730 do? We would have liked it to shine, but for us, the keyboard was extremely difficult to type on, better, but not quite there yet. Device speed though was fine. Nothing really got slow of lagged down, even with a multitude of applications running concurrently. While we’re on that subject, we’ll let you know the S730 has 64MB of ROM, and 128MB of RAM, so you shouldn’t feel at all slowed down. Think of it as the baby brother to the HTC TyTN II — smaller, sort of similar specs, etc. We’re going to leave the decision making up to you, though. If you think you’re interested in the HTC S730, be all means hit our gallery below!

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