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Facebook hits 750 million users milestone

Facebook now has 750 million monthly active users worldwide, TechCrunch reported on Friday. That’s incredible growth since our June 1st story, which suggested that the social network was closing in on 700,000,000 users >>

Motorola Milestone gets Ferrari limited

We just came across a pretty interesting handset… no, it’s not a never-seen-before device, but it definitely caught our eye. It’s a Motorola Milestone that has been produced in limited quantities for Ferrari. We’ve been >>

European MILESTONEs get 2.1 update as DROID users turn to nihilism

Congratulations, Verizon. You’ve been beaten by the bloody Europeans, those chain-smoking hipsters with complicated shoes and shocking inability to pronounce Barack Obama’s name. They’re now enjoying the goodness that is Android 2.1 while >>

Root access obtained for TELUS MILESTONE

In our review of the TELUS MILESTONE we lamented Motorola’s decision to digitally sign the bootloader which makes rooting quite difficult. Thankfully, over the past couple of days there has been a lot >>

TELUS rumored to launch the MILESTONE on the 18th

Canadian Android aficionados who wait with bated breath for TELUS to release the Motorola MILESTONE might soon be able to breathe easy if a new rumor has any truth to it. According to >>