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Motorola releases its Android 2.1 update schedule for the DROID/MILESTONE and the CLIQ/DEXT

After receiving heavy criticism for its premature announcement of the Android 2.1 update for the DROID, Motorola has decided that “transparency” is now its favorite buzz word and has released an Android 2.1 update schedule for its current lineup of Android handsets. Though a nice gesture, the update schedule is short on details and leaves us with more questions than answers. According to Motorola’s schedule, the DROID update will be rolling out “soon” with no concrete date or time frame provided. DROID owners should be thankful for their “coming soon” status, though, as the owners of the Motorola CLIQ have to wait until Q2 2010 and those with the DEXT will have to wait until Q3 2010 to get their update, if they even get it all (see Europe). A similar scenario applies to the Milestone with European Milestone owners receiving their update sometime in Q2 2010, while those in Latin America and Asia-Pacific must wait patiently for Motorola to evaluate the feasibility of an update.

[Via Motorola’s Facebook page]