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WiFi-enabled iPhone receives regulatory approval in China

Apple’s iPhone is one step closer to officially landing in China. According to China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, a WiFi-enabled version of the iPhone was finally approved for a network access license. The >>

Install Android on your iPhone 3G today!

Been desperate to load Android on your iPhone 3G ever since you first caught glimpse of the magic worked by the Linux on the iPhone team? Well today’s your lucky day, as the binaries >>

Geohot demos untethered jailbreak for iPhone

Stevesy (Jobs, not Zissou) is certainly not going to like this. iPhone hacker extraordinaire George Hotz aka geohot has just teased the iPhone community with a 68 second video showing off a new >>

Opera to show off Mini for iPhone at MWC

Listen: It took six months of the App Store’s existence for Apple to approve the first batch of third-party browsers for the iPhone and iPod touch. It was a pretty damn exciting event because >>