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iOS 14 HomeKit

Scary Apple HomeKit bug sends your iPhone into an infinite boot loop

January 4th, 2022

When Apple releases new updates for its operating systems, we often focus on the new features and functionality. As exciting as they can be, they often overshadow the vital bug fixes that Apple deploys alongside them. For example, in iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2, Apple addressed dozens of security issues, many of which put users’ …

abode iota homekit

Abode iota review: HomeKit compatibility makes Abode even better

November 23rd, 2019

In early 2017, I reviewed Abode, a smart home security system that you build yourself and set up however you want it. I found it to be very straightforward and surprisingly versatile, with a hint of that “it just works” magic. Now, over two years later, Abode has evolved. There are two big things that …

Apple HomeKit security bug in iOS 11.2

HomeKit is the latest Apple product to have a serious security flaw

December 7th, 2017

A zero-day vulnerability with Apple’s HomeKit exposed users’ smart door locks and garage-door openers to hackers, 9to5Mac reports. The serious security issues have already been fixed via a server-side patch by Apple, and an update to iOS 11.2 is coming in the near future to fix any broken functionality. The site reports that a “HomeKit vulnerability in …

Ikea Trådfri HomeKit

Ikea’s smart bulbs are finally compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home

August 10th, 2017

Installing Ikea’s Trådfri was a breeze. I just followed the handy instructions, and a few minutes later my home was slightly smarter. But as soon as I finished, I realized there’s one critical piece missing. Ikea’s intelligent home products were not compatible with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Home. Thankfully, that all changes today. …

Apple Smart Home Hardware

Apple isn’t letting Google control your home without a fight

June 26th, 2014

With all eyes on the iPhone 6, it can be difficult to remember that Apple has other hardware aspirations in the pipeline. 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s next priority will be the Smart Home, consisting of a range of new devices that will interact with Apple’s phones, computers and tablets. According to unnamed sources, Apple has …