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Earth News

Carbon dioxide levels just hit a scary new high

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached a new record high based on a new report from scientists studying the trends. As a greenhouse gas, CO2 traps heat, gradually warming the Earth and prompting a >>

Plastic smells like food to sea turtles, scientists say

Plastics in the ocean smell like food to sea turtles, a new study published in Current Biology reveals.  Plastic waste catches microorganisms and algae, becoming indistinguishable from food.  Sea turtles are often found >>

Can this hideous fish solve world hunger?

When it comes to solving the world’s hunger problems, we often focus on maximizing crop yields and changes the food producers could make to better serve the ever-growing population of the planet. Researchers >>

Here’s how MIT wants to save Earth from killer asteroids

If science fiction movies have taught us anything, it’s that saving Earth from a killer asteroid is going to take some big drills and probably nuclear weapons. Thankfully, if a particularly large space >>