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iPhone multitasking gestures demoed on video

BGR exclusively reported on Wednesday that Apple is currently testing a variety of gestures on its iPhone. While the more interesting gestures are still locked away safely on the Apple campus, the task-switching >>

Hands-on with BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge [video]

Following our press briefing with the PlayBook early today, we wanted to get a bit more up-close and personal with the BlackBerry Bridge software. Bridge, for those that don’t know, is the bit >>

BlackBerry PlayBook hands-on video demo

We promised a hands on demo video of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and that’s what you’re going to get from us — almost 10 minutes of 1080p joy. As we said previously, we were >>

BlackBerry PlayBook hands-on, impressions

We just met up with Research In Motion for a pretty detailed look at the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, and, in addition to getting a comprehensive walkthrough of the tablet on video, we also >>