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UFOlogist claims he’s spotted a gigantic Martian rodent in Curiosity rover footage

Updated 4 years ago
Published Nov 26th, 2015 6:25PM EST
Mars Rover Footage Giant Mouse

If there is one thing I cannot imagine doing, it’s obsessively combing over footage beamed back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity rover to search for signs of Martian life, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. However there’s an entire cult of people on the Internet that spend their days doing just that and one of them has spotted what he says might be a gigantic mouse on the surface of the Red Planet.

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YouTube channel ArtAlienTV has posted footage of Mars showing us “a possible very large mouse or other rodent on Mars in Gale Crater sitting on a ridge plain as day.” Here is what the space rodent looks like from the footage:

I know what you’re thinking because it’s exactly what I’m thinking: It’s a rock that is sort of in the shape of a mouse. Even ArtAlienTV seems to concede this might be the case and explains that “it is probably an optical illusion but seems to have big ears, nose and eyes visible.” However, he also says that “other people including myself have found rodents up there before so it could possibly be.”

That’s right, non-believers: Even if this photo actually does just show a rock, there have already been confirmed Martian rodents spotted, so neener, neener, neener!

Check out the full video of the alleged Martian mouse below.

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