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Epic video shows flaming rocket debris streaking across the night sky

Published Mar 29th, 2023 3:41PM EDT
fireballs in sky
Image: Giordano Aita / Adobe

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Last week, skywatchers spotted a swarm of fireballs streaking across the Florida sky. Thankfully, we already know where the fireballs originated from, as astronomers revealed the same day that the event was created by the remains of a Chinese rocket booster reentering Earth’s atmosphere. Now, though, we finally have high-quality video of the fireballs over Florida. 

The new video was captured by onlookers in Florida and uploaded to the American Meteor Society’s website. A total of four videos and two photos were uploaded to the AMS website following the event. While the video of the fireballs over Florida doesn’t showcase a meteor, it isn’t surprising to see people comparing it to meteors, as they act very similarly when entering our atmosphere. 

Of course, having a possible origin for the fireballs that streaked over Florida last week hasn’t stopped many from sharing speculation about the event’s origin. Some believe it could have been an unidentified object breaking up as it entered our atmosphere. Of course, there’s no proof to back this claim up, so it’s pure speculation. Still, the video of the fireballs streaking through the sky over Florida is intriguing. 

It goes to show how big events like this can grab people’s attention worldwide, as many no doubt looked up in the sky last week when these fireballs streaked through the sky. The video of the fireballs, which is embedded above and can be found on the AMS YouTube channel, was captured by a user over in Miami, Florida. The fireballs were seen by many in southwest Florida when they appeared. 

There are more significant implications behind these streaking fireballs than just the possibility of alien spaceships or the fact that it created quite the spectacle. It also continues to raise questions about the space junk conundrum that plagues our planet and how companies and nations continue to put rockets and spacecraft into space without real control over how they return to Earth. 

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