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yeedi k650 robot vacuum review: Clean floors and great for pet owners

Updated Jun 16th, 2022 2:31PM EDT
What the vacuum and docking station look like
Chris Hachey for BGR

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You want to be able to walk around your home barefoot. There’s nothing that is more frustrating than walking around your home and feeling pieces of dirt and dust sticking to the bottom of your feet or socks. It’s hard to stay ahead of crumbs on the floor, especially if you have pets and children. There seem to always be items on the ground. With the yeedi k650 robot vacuum, you’ll be able to ease your mind knowing you don’t have to deal with that stuck to your foot.

I’ve been using the yeedi k650 robot vacuum for a little while and there is a lot to like. It can cover your rugs and hardwood floors and snatch up what you’re finding on your floor. It’s convenient and helpful to not have to worry about your floor being dirty.

yeedi k650 robot vacuum setup

The yeedi k650 on a carpet. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Robot vacuum avoiding a shoe
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  • Great suction
  • Powerful battery


  • No modern smart mapping features

Setting up the yeedi k650 robot vacuum is extremely simple. You can scan a QR code that comes with the box and it’ll open up the smartphone app. Being able to set up and sync the app with your phone makes tracking the vacuum’s progress a breeze. It will connect to your Wi-Fi, as long as you have a 2.4GHz wireless signal.

The side brushes come unattached, but popping them on is very simple. You get the robot, the docking station and power adapter, the main brush which is pre-installed, the side brushes, the high-efficiency filter and the sponge filter, the XL dust bin, tangle-free brush, and the filter for the XL dust bin. You’ll need to remove the protective materials fastened to the sides of the robot and the docking station.

Putting down the docking station is important, as you need to put it in an area where it is unobstructed by other items. That way, the robot vacuum can find its way back to it when it is running low on battery or it is finished with its cycle.

What are its features?

After you set up the app, you can choose which kind of pattern you want your robot vacuum to go in. You’ll need to clean your floor first of larger items, such as dog toys, shoes, and such. You can opt for an edge pattern, where it goes around and cleans close to walls, as well as auto patterns. All of the controls come through the app, allowing you to schedule cleanings, change the cleaning mode, or adjust the suction power.

There are three different levels of suction, ranging from quiet to max XL. This can reach up to 2,000Pa for suction, handling your toughest tasks. The noise level on quiet is low but not as low as you may hope. But it is a lot lower than a standard vacuum. The XL dust bin sets this apart. It can hold 800ML, so you need to empty it less. Emptying it is as simple as unfastening the bin and opening it up over a garbage can.

The battery life is very strong, as it runs for just about two hours before needing to charge. It will automatically charge itself as well. Once the battery is running low, it returns to the docking station.

yeedi k650 robot build

A dog chasing the yeedi k650 robot vacuum. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

It features an anti-scratch tempered glass top cover that won’t show any signs of wear. This is especially convenient if you have a pet that is not a fan of vacuums. My dog was very confused as to why there was a machine moving around our floor (as seen above).

The 6D anti-collision sensors work very well. When it was used on my family room carpet, it got close to where the couch was. But when it sensed it, it spun away in a different direction. It will reset itself if it feels it is nearing an obstacle. So your furniture legs are saved.

The tangle-free brush is simple to insert. Just popping off the door underneath and taking the main brush out takes no time. When you use the tangle-free brush, you’ll see the difference between the two brushes. If you’re using your robot to go over carpet where hair tends to stay, the tangle-free brush is a must. It is extremely effective.

Holiday prices

The underneath of the yeedi k650 robot vacuum. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

This has special pricing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021. Normally, you can get the yeedi k650 robot vacuum for $199.99. But for Cyber Monday, it is down to only $179.99. On top of that, there is a $60 coupon you can also clip, bringing it down to $119.99. Those savings will really come in handy during the holidays. All you have to do is click the coupon button on the page to lock in that pricing.

There are also other robot vacuum deals from yeedi available right now. The yeedi vac Robot Vacuum is down to just $209.99. The yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop is down $150 at the moment.


The yeedi k650 returning to its docking station. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

The yeedi k650 robot vacuum is a smart and sophisticated autonomous vacuum cleaner. The app to control it is very simple and it can even be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The large XL bin holds more, so you have to empty it less often. While it doesn’t empty itself, it can run for a long time and doesn’t need your constant attention.

Should I buy the yeedi k650 robot vacuum?

Yes. If you have pets in your home, use the tangle-free brush and stop worrying about hair being stuck to your socks.

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