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Try this now: An addictive website that can identify almost any image you throw at it

Wolfram Image Identification Project Website

Have you ever snapped a picture of a flower or bird that you’ve never seen before and wished you had a simple and fast way to identify it? If so, you’ll want to check out the new Image Identification Project website created by Stephen Wolfram that makes identifying images an absolute snap.

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Identifying images with the Identification Project is delightfully simple: You just drag and drop your photo onto the page, give it a couple of seconds and it will tell you what the image is.

We found that there are limits to what Wolfram’s technology can do, however: It’s not good at identifying individual people, so don’t update pictures of movie stars and expect it to tell you who they are. It also doesn’t do well with “artsy” photos, so if there’s a closeup picture of a guitar that focuses mostly on its neck and frets, for instance, the website will have a tough time identifying it.

That said, when we showed it clear pictures of flowers from our home gardens, we found it was more than up to the task of correctly identifying plants. We’ve also found it does well for identifying different kinds of animals, including different breeds of cats and dogs.

If you’d like to read more about how Wolfgram and his team conceived and developed the technology behind this awesome website, check out his full blog post on it by clicking here.

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