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WebOS to get 3D gaming and native application support in 2010?

Updated 4 years ago

WebOS 1.3.5 was released to the masses last week and its inner workings were promptly picked apart by eager webOS hackers. One of the most exciting finds was the inclusion of the SDL library in this latest version of webOS. SDL is an acronym for Simple DirectMedia Layer, an open source library that provides a programming interface to a platform’s underlying audio, graphics and input devices. Translated into English, this means that Palm webOS developers will have direct access to the underlying graphics hardware of a device making hardware accelerated graphics a reality.

The first realization of this hardware acceleration is a webOS port of DOOM, which was quickly followed by a port of Quake. An offshoot discovery also revealed native application support within the codebase of webOS 1.3.5, an inclusion which allows webOS users to install and launch a native Linux app without any hacking. Native Linux applications, SDL-support, and hardware graphics acceleration all add up to a potentially sweet gaming experience on the Pre and an equally exciting CES 2010 announcement. Hit the jump for a quick demo of Quake and Doom running on the Pre.

[Via Palm Infocenter]

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