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Walk by total strangers and meet them. But later.

Published Aug 19th, 2007 10:26AM EDT

While it’s not clear to us what the real purpose of this would be, it’s still kind of interesting. A team of scientists (surprise) at Bath University have created a way to meet new people through Facebook without the silly process of inviting them, or even talking to them. And they’re using Bluetooth. The basics are, assuming there’s a “node” in your area, you load an app onto your computer, pair a Bluetooth device to it, and when you pass by the node, said paired Bluetooth device will be picked up by it. Later, you can log into Facebook (or immediately, via your iPhone, of course), and see all the people that were in the area at the same time. Again…it’s cool in a sorta confusing way. “Why?” and “Who cares?” are the first things that come to mind…yet we somehow feel like this could lead to cool things in the future. Or, we prefer not to talk to that hot girl we just walked by and would rather stalk her online.