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Download this app right now: Vert 2 for iPhone and iPad is now free

Vert 2 iPhone Free Download

Sometimes an iPhone app is exceptionally functional and sometimes an iPhone app is beautiful, but rarely can both be said about the same piece of software. Vert 2 by Andrej Mihelic is one of those rarities, and it also just so happens to be free right now for a limited time.

Vert 2 is one of many apps dedicated to converting data from one unit type to another. Currencies, weight, volume, speed, pressure, power, temperature… they’re all covered in this great app. In fact, Mihelic says that Vert 2 supports more than 900 different types of conversions in 34 different categories.

Because the app is so comprehensive, it also includes an intelligent search function and a favorites list.

So, for example, instead of scrolling through 900 entries to convert meters into feet, a simple search will immediately bring the user to the appropriate screen. And if that happens to be a conversion the user performs quite often, it can be saved to a favorites list for even faster access.

Here are more details on Vert 2 from the app’s description:

• For best ACCURACY formula based converting is used
• GREAT SEARCH feature – find units by name or code, find currencies also by country
• OFFLINE conversions
• The simplest way to create and use favorite lists
• Choose the category you want to launch the app with
• Full screen list view on demand
• CALCULATOR at hand [ + – × ÷ ]
• Automatic decimal place adjustment
• Conversion HISTORY log
• URL scheme support (more at

• OVER 900 UNITS in 34 categories
• 164 CURRENCIES with automatic updates
• COMPOUND units (e.g. foot + inch, pound + ounce)
• Clothing, hat and shoe size converter
• Complete COOKING category
• Chinese units
• Japanese units
• Unusual units (donkeypower, manpower, shot glass, fully loaded 747 etc.)
• Rock climbing grades

• OPTIMIZED for iPhone and iPad
• Elegant and PIXEL-PERFECT design
• Refined typography
• Personalisation to suit you needs
• Multiple COLOR themes (matching with all new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices)

• UNITS OF MEASUREMENT: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Cooking (volume-to-weight), Currency, Data Size, Data Transfer Speed, Density, Energy, Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Illuminance, Length/Distance, Luminance, Metric Prefixes, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Viscosity, Volume, Volumetric Flow, Weight/Mass
• CLOTHING: Bra cup & band, Hats & Caps, Shirts & Blouses, Shoes, Suits & Dresses
• OTHER: Rock Climbing Grades

Vert 2 is typically $3.99 and worth every penny, but the app is available for free right now for a limited time. This sale could be over at any moment, so follow the link below in our source section to download Vert 2 right away.

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