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Verizon may announce Connect Plan, unlimited web for $10

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:08PM EST

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A lot of folks have always trashed Verizon as being one of the priciest carriers out there – if not the priciest. Nickel and dime seems to be their motto, until maybe now… Word is, though unconfirmed as of now, there is a new plan that Verizon will be announcing soon called “Connect”. Apparently, you can have unlimited mobile web for just $10/month instead of whatever you’re paying for V Cast right now. A Giz tipster said:

If someone does not want the Vcast service, this is a step above the current premium plans. So if your premium plan is $79.99, you can add Vcast for $15, for a total of about $95. With Connect it will be only $10 more, for a total of about $89.00. Connect allows for unlimited mobile web so if you want to save five bucks, and have the premium plan with unlimited mobile web, but no Vcast, that’s the new plan.

And if you want to add it on a secondary line, it’s also $10 bucks. It will be available on November 16 mobile web phones only, not smartphones.

There you have it. If you don’t want to pay that extra five bucks for everything V Cast has to offer and you have a dumbphone, you may soon be able to get unlimited web for your phone at the reasonable price of just $10.

UPDATE: It looks like the tipster was a bit off as the Premium plan already includes unlimited data and V Cast, as well as VZ navigator and unlimited messaging. It looks like the new Connect plan option will fall between the Select plan and the Premium plan, basically affording a $5 savings compared to the Select plan  and V Cast or a $10 savings compared to the Premium plan.