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Video shows Tesla’s crazy ‘bioweapon defense mode’ in action, and it actually works

Tesla Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode Test

The Tesla Model X’s single most ridiculous feature is something called “bioweapon defense mode” that turns on the car’s air filter and purportedly delivers interior air quality on par with a hospital room. Model X driver Bjørn Nyland was recently driving his car through Arizona when he caught a whiff of the foul stench of manure. This gave him the perfect opportunity to put bioweapon defense mode to the test, and he was surprised to learn that the feature worked exactly as advertised.

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“The fans went full speed and created a pressurised cabin,” Nyland writes of what happened after turning on the setting. “Normally, any smell inside the car will take several minutes to clear. But with the bioweapon defense mode, the smell disappeared within seconds. Very impressive!”

As you’ll see in the video below, Nyland was a little skeptical that bioweapon defense mode would really live up to the hype but within 10 seconds he was almost weeping tears of joy because it had done such an amazing job getting rid of the smell:

While you’ll hopefully never have to use bioweapon defense mode against an actual bioweapon, it is nice to know that it actually does at least work to eliminate unpleasant external odors.

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