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Sprint cuts $10 off its unlimited 3G/4G mobile broadband plan

Updated 4 years ago

To entice customers to jump on board the WiMAX bandwagon, Sprint has lowered the price of its 3G/4G mobile broadband plan by $10, bringing the final price down to a competitive $59.99 per month. The wireless includes unlimited 4G usage and 5GB of  in-network 3G usage or 300MB of out-of-network 3G usage. The lowered plan launched alongside the Sierra Wireless 3G/4G Overdrive hotspot and is now available with any 3G/4G combo device. Anyone sitting on the WiMAX fence going to take the plunge now that that the price of Sprint’s combo 3G/4G mobile broadband plan is as low as its 3G-only plan?

[Via Fierce Wireless]