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Sprint and Samsung release iPhone killer #367


Sprint and Samsung have partnered to release the Samsung Insight, an all-touchscreen affair that aims directly at Apple’s venerable iPhone. While it’s certainly not going to take down the iPhone, the Insight looks to pack a powerful punch in its own right. The Insight sports a number of high-end features, including GPS with TeleNav support, EV-DO Rev. A, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, and a lot more. Samsung has also designed it’s very own touchscreen QWERTY keyboard. We’re not sure how well it will stack up against Apple’s version, but early reports shine a favorable light on the implementation. Sprint and Samsung worked together to develop an entirely new UI from the ground-up, but we’ll reserve final judgement for when it launches. Expect to see a $100 million advertising campaign leading up to the device’s release in July, when it will ship complete with 3.5mm headphone jack and 2 GB microSD card.


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