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Sony CEO wishes for time-travel, NexGen DVD collaboration

Typically, even if it’s a given that a company should have approached something differently, it’s rare when a CEO actually admits it. Yet, that’s exactly what Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has done. He feels that prior to Paramount switching doubles-partners and going HD-DVD, Sony was decidedly in the lead. Now, however, naming a winner is as muddy a proposition as ever. Citing a desire for collaboration between rival HD-DVD, and its own Blu-Ray technology, he told the AP that he believed there was an opportunity of “uniting the two camps under one format before he became CEO, and he wishes he could travel back in time to make that happen.” At least he was plenty CEO-like, by blaming his predacessors rather than himself. What’s next…criminals on CSI coming forward and admitting they did it before Grissom flaunt the evidence in their face?