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Video: Kevin Hart hilariously skewers Brooklyn hipsters in the best SNL sketch

SNL Kevin Hart Brooklyn Sketch

Brooklyn has been changing a lot over the years, as rising real estate values are pricing many longtime residents out of some neighborhoods, thus paving the way for wealthier people to move in. On Saturday Night Live this week, Kevin Hart, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah did a hilarious sketch making fun of Brooklyn’s gentrification by showing three corner kids talking about their new-found love of artisanal mayonnaise while also relaying stories about sipping wine at art galleries and going out to fancy brunches.

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The best part comes when Hart talks about how he’s been spending time with “his bitches” — but he’s not talking about women, he’s talking about the dogs he’s spending time with as part of his dog-walking business. A similarly funny moment comes when Kenan Thompson tells Jay Pharoah that “it sounds like somebody put gluten in your muffin.”

Check out the whole video below.

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