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Online dating study suggests people in the Bronx are New York’s least desirable

Online Dating New York Bronx

Does living in the Bronx Zoo make you less appealing to your fellow humans? New data released by online dating app The Grade seems to indicate that it does.

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The Grade is a Tinder-like mobile dating app that lets you “like” different people’s profiles or skip over them. The app has been keeping track of what percentage of profiles get “liked” and what percentage get skipped in all five of New York City’s boroughs and has found that the Bronx is filled with the city’s least desirable people.

Overall, The Grade found that just 5.9% of men’s profiles in the Bronx got liked while 35.1% of women’s profiles in the borough got liked. Profiles in the Bronx were also more likely than any others in New York to receive messages containing “inappropriate content or slang,” including a whopping 17% of all Bronx women’s profiles.

In contrast, the most desirable people in New York came from Manhattan, where 9.8% of men’s profiles got liked and 46.5% of women’s profiles got liked. After Manhattan, the most desirable borough was Queens, followed by Brooklyn and then Staten Island.

To look at more dating numbers in New York, check out The Grade’s blog post at the source link below.

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