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Rogers sues Bell over network claims

The ridiculousness that is Canada’s wireless industry reached unprecedented heights today after Rogers Wireless filed a lawsuit against Bell in B.C. Supreme Court. Rogers is asking that Bell stop touting its new HSPA network as the best thing since sliced bread because “Bell has no valid support to claim faster speed and more reliability on a network that has virtually no customers and no proven track record on this new network.” Principle to Rogers’ argument is that “the vast majority of Bell customers are still using an old CDMA network and aren’t enjoying the benefits of the new HSPA network” and that “reliability is not something that can be measured on an empty, unproven network.” This lawsuit falls exactly one week after a B.C. Supreme Court Justice sided with TELUS in its lawsuit against Rogers which forced the company to stop its ads claiming “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” with speeds “two times faster than any other”. We’ll be sure to keep our readers up to date with the latest information as it becomes available, but we can’t help but think these lawsuits will make consumers hate the Big Three even more than they do now. Anyone else feeling this way? Mr. Ken Campbell, how we lookin’?

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