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Questions surrounding HP’s PC business deter enterprise customers

Updated 4 years ago

HP’s customers are wary of purchasing new products from the company after its recent decision to kill off its webOS mobile operating system and possibly spin off its PC business. The chief information officer of Fluor Corp Ray Barnard told The Wall Street Journal his company typically spends $25 million per year upgrading its hardware and software. Barnard said that Fluor Corp was considering purchasing a number of HP computers capable of displaying 3D graphics, but has instead decided not to purchase from the company just yet. “I’ve put that all on hold” he told The Wall Street Journal. “It appears that they’re lost right now.” Read on for more.

Barnard’s opinion is shared by other HP customers as well. “This appears to just come out of the blue without a really good explanation,” the vice chancellor for information services at Purdue University said. “It makes you wonder what the strategy really is and where they are going.” There are loyal customers, however. DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard said that he will still do business with the company. “We trust them,” Leonard explained. “The worst thing you can have is companies that are afraid to make calls.”