You didn’t think we’d keep you in the dark for too long did you? Come on people, you should know your pals at BGR a little better than that by now. It has only been two days since we showed you the first live pics of Samsung’s sexy 5 megapixel touchscreen all dressed up in Verizon threads, but you clearly weren’t going to be satisfied until we gave you some more details. Ok, no problem – you know our ninjas don’t sleep… Those of you who really can’t wait to get your mitts on this puppy will have early online and telesales orders fulfilled on November 26th. For the rest of you who want to check the Omnia out in person before shelling out some cash for it, December 8th is the official in-store date. Woo! As far as pricing goes, you’re looking at a respectable $249.99 after the $70 mail-in rebate. Sure we would have loved to break that $200 mark for the release price but hey, early adopter tax is nothing new to us right? So there you have it, VZW peeps. If touchscreen is your game and the Storm isn’t exactly your cup of tea, the Samsung Omnia might be just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks, krazyVZW!

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