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In-depth video review shows you all of the OnePlus One’s best features

OnePlus One Video Review

We’d love to review the OnePlus One ourselves… except the device is almost impossible to come by and even one person who thought that he’d gotten one only wound up with an empty box. However, Marques Brownlee has been lucky enough to get his hands on this semi-mythic device and he’s just posted a thorough video review showing off the OnePlus One’s best features.

First, Brownlee explains to the unconverted why the OnePlus One is such a hot item despite having no brand recognition among the general public: It’s a phone that has absolutely killer hardware that runs Android with CyanogenMod and only costs $300. Other than the specs, Brownlee also had high praise for the OnePlus One’s design, highlighted by a body that feels very easy to hold in your hand while also being very durable. In fact, Brownlee says that other than delivering so-so performance with in-call volume, the phone’s design is “pretty much flawless, a miracle piece of hardware for the price.”

However, the hardware is only part of the story and Brownlee says that the phone will really sink or swim based on CyanogenMod. The good news is that Brownlee says that CyanogenMod really does give you a lot of rich options that you don’t get on other Android phones such as being able to customize your boot animations and your lock screen.

Brownlee’s whole review is worth watching, not just for the praise that he gives to the OnePlus One but also for his criticisms of it, such as its seemingly slow animations and other software issues. Be sure to check it out below.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.