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Download this app right now: Numerical for iPhone and iPad is now free

Numerical Download

We’re hoping to spend much more time in 2014 than we have in years past showcasing beautifully designed software, and we have a few early efforts under our belt already. Most recently, we highlighted five gorgeous iPhone apps and we also ran a pair of posts covering awesome Android apps that do things the iPhone cannot. As we come across great deals on well-designed apps, however, we’ll also bring them to your attention individually — and such is the case with Andrew J Clark’s “Numerical.”

Numerical is exactly what a simple iOS app should be: well thought out, well-designed and easy to use.

In a nutshell, Numerical is a simple calculator app that improves upon Apple’s stock app in a number of ways, not the least of which is the design. The minimalistic look of the app fits well with iOS 7 but the use of animations and bold, bright colors really makes Numerical stand out from the crowd.

A few key features from the app’s description:

The equals button was invented when computers were the size of furniture and it’s time to move on. As you type Numerical displays the answer instantly & your current calculation is always visible.

As you work Numerical automatically saves finished calculations to the History View. When you need to revisit an old problem it’s right there waiting for you.

Use easy swipe gestures to undo, redo and save the current calculation.

Use a simple, yet powerful, brackets system to solve complex problems.

Tap the answer or calculation to copy them elsewhere. You can paste text from any app and Numerical will remove non-maths digits and solve it.

Numerical knows to display very large answers with scientific notation, and if an answer is approximate (due to recurrence or floating point decay) it will use an “approximately equal to” sign (≈)

Have you ever divided by zero? Tried to exponentiate a googolplex? If Numerical can’t figure out the answer it will tell you what went wrong in plain english, not just yell ERROR!

Numerical for the iPhone and iPad is typically $2.99 in Apple’s iOS App Store but right now it’s free for a limited time. Do yourself a favor and follow the link in our source section below to download it right now.

Zach Epstein

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