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Nintendo DSi to hit North America on April 4th

Updated 4 years ago

According to multiple sources close to Nintendo, the company is planning to launch the DSi earlier than expected. How does a ship date of April 4th and a retail price of $179 sound? The DSi represents a modest improvement over the still popular Nintendo DS lite, offering a 0.3MP camera, larger 3.25″ displays, access to the DSiWare game catalog, an SD card slot, improved user interface and new software including photo manipulation software and built-in web browser. The DSi launched in November in Japan and sales of the portable gaming handheld have been brisk to say the least – Nintendo sold over a million units through the end of December 2008. In the US, Nintendo is expected to sell the DSi side-by-side with the DS lite, marketing the DSi as the machine for the gamer and the DS Lite for the casual user.