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Motorola’s Napoleon begins to trickle into the wild, still not headed for carrier shelves

Remember the Motorola Napoleon we hipped you to oh, maybe, 8 months ago? Well, the little bugger has started to hit the streets, prompting rumors and questions about its impending arrival on your local neighborhood carrier’s shelves. Sadly (or perhaps not-so-sadly depending on how you look at it), the Napoleon won’t be hitting the consumer channels any time soon. Moto has decided to make this one available only through exclusive government distribution channels, though the phone itself is running on Verizon’s network. No justification has been given for this rather odd move, but we can only imagine that the company was worried about cannibalizing its already spotty Q9 sales….or perhaps it has an even more impressive phone coming down the pipeline? Either way, we’re told the over zealous amongst us can probably find one of these suckers on eBay, so let us know if you decide to hunt one down.


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