We often wonder whether there’s a connection between the dreams we have and what goes on in our lives while we’re awake, particularly if we have recurring dreams. Psychologists will tell you that, yes, dreams are directly connected with our thoughts and feelings, and some professionals happen to interpret dreams on a regular basis.

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Psychologist Ian Wallace is such one individual, as he’s interpreted over 150,000 dreams in more than 30 years of practice. Wallace has compiled a list of the nine most common dreams for Business Insider, explaining what they might mean and what you have to do about it once you wake up.

According to Wallace these are the nine most popular dreams: finding an unused room, driving an out-of-control vehicle, falling, flying, being unprepared for an exam, being naked in public, not finding a toilet, experiencing teeth falling out and being chased.

Falling, for example, means you might be hanging on too tightly to a particular situation in your life. Rather than being concerned with losing control, you’d be better off trusting yourself and others by leaving things fall naturally into place.

Dreaming about being naked in public means there might be a situation in waking life that’s making you feel vulnerable and exposed. The solution might be opening yourself to others so they can see your real talents.

Finally, dreaming about someone chasing you means there might be an issue in your life that you want to confront, but you don’t know how to. The pursuers are apparently bringing your attention to your unrealized talents, so the dream might be an indication you should go after a personal ambition.

Check out the full Business Insider list of dreams and their explanations at the source link.

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