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Maybe they don't hate each other?

March 26th, 2010 at 4:28 PM

There has been quite a bit of noise around the purported relationship, or lack thereof, between Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs and Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt. The reported “feud” is based on a series of events — namely Google releasing a phone OS, Schmidt stepping down from Apple’s board, and Jobs calling Google’s motto “bullshit” — but it has yet to impact any services or products the two companies offer. Apple still bundles its iPhone OS with Google as the default search provider, as well as the “Google Maps” program, and Google still develops Google Earth, Maps, Search, etc. for the iPhone platform. The alleged tiff has led to some great cartoons though; take this Daniel Adel, New York Times offering:

As fun as it has been to wind up, a few images captured by a Gizmodo reader imply that perhaps we in the media should take it down a few notches. The pictures show Schmidt and Jobs having a cup of coffee, in public, engaged in civil discourse. The Giz article has a few “our tipster heard” quotes, but we’ll let you hit up said article for all the speculation. One thing we do know: the net worth sitting around that little cafe table is roughly $9.8 billion.


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