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I didn’t want to watch this guy eat a stack of 10 McRibs at once… but I couldn’t look away

Updated 4 years ago

I can always rely on the Internet to help me find people who do things that are equal parts stupid and clever. Such was the case today when I came upon a video posted by YouTube user LtMkilla that shows a man taking 10 McDonald’s McRib sandwiches, stacking them all on top of one another and then stuffing them into his mouth in one horrifying bite.

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The man spends the first portion of the video talking to us about how much he loves the McRib and how happy he is that it’s back. Then he reveals that he’s acquired 10 different McRib sandwiches and plans to unbox them all right before our eyes.

But eating them one by one would have just been so inefficient — why not stack them all atop one another to make a hideously sloppy meat pile?

Yes, he did manage to get his mouth around this monstrosity, although at times it looked more like he was making out with the massive Frankensandwich:

It goes without saying that he was pretty satisfied with his creation:

The screen caps I’ve posted here really don’t do this video justice, however. Check out the whole thing for yourself below. Oh, and be warned that it contains some very not-safe-for-work language.

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