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Live from the WES 2010 keynote

Updated 4 years ago

Live from the Cypress 2 Ballroom at the Marriott World Convention Center, BGR proudly presents the WES 2010 keynote. The lights are dimming as we speak and we’re all settled in for the show, so hit up the jump to check out our live blog of all the festivities!

8:46 AM: Here we go, lights down… Black Eyed Peas on the juke box.

8:46 AM: RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis has taken the stage.

8:47 AM: Customers bought 10.5 million BB’s last quarter, BB community is 41 million users strong.

8:48 AM: “What we do comes down to one thing, making the BlackBerry more usable and accessable to more people.

8:48 AM: “Today you’re going to see some amazing new software.

8:49 AM: “You’re goign to see some new deivces.” God, we hope so.

8:49 AM: Showing chart about the efficiency and cost effectiveness of BlackBerry platform.

8:50 AM: “Email was the original BlackBerry supeapp, now developers can take advantage of the BlackBerry platform to deliver there own super app.”

8:51 AM: Seeing video on “super apps”

8:52 AM: Super Apps are: an integrated, visual experience

8:53 AM: Talking up BBM: “BBM is all about delivering the best communication experience, right now.”

8:53 AM: BBM has over 20 million users

8:54 AM: BBM, “transforms the way people work and play.”

8:55 AM: We’re talking hardware now, high level stuff, not specific devices.

8:55 AM: “5 of top 10 best selling smartphones in the U.S. are BlackBerrys”

8:56 AM: “People want choice…”

8:56 AM: Talking about the Bold 9650

8:56 AM: “This is the ultimate global CDMA smartphone.”

8:57 AM: “The Bold family already includes some of the worlds most popular smartphones…we’re expanding that.”

8:57 AM: “We’re launching the white BlackBerry Bold 9700 in North America.”

8:58 AM: “Introducing the smallest, lightest, smartphone in our lineup: the Pearl 3G.”

8:59 AM: Basically Mike is doing a re-cap of yesterdays announcements.

8:59 AM: “Tons of power and performance into a small package, with no compromises.”

9:00 AM: Talking about: “The Next Step”

9:00 AM: “Today I’m proud to show you the biggest step forward…BlackBerry 6”

9:00 AM: Had to: “Feel fresh yet familiar, instantly recognizable, easy to use, powerful, fun, and approachable.”

9:01 AM: We’re seeing a video on BlackBerry 6

9:03 AM: Some of the screenshots in the video have already been seen on BGR, Mike ;)

9:02 AM: Video is a lot of flash, includes Fergie. We are seeing a full touch screen demo with: multitouch in action, new menus, global search, redesigned calendar, multiple home screens, total redesign of UI

9:04 AM: “There are a lot of enhancements that will delight everyone.”

9:04 AM: “We’ve redesigned all the core applications”

9:04 AM: “We’ve got a new app for managing social networks and view RSS feeds.”

9:05 AM: “WebKit browser will be an integral part of BlackBerry 6.”

9:05 AM: “More rewarding, faster, and simpler to use.”

9:05 AM: “BlackBerry 6 will launch next calendar quarter.”

9:06 AM: Mike is wrapping up now.

9:07 AM: “Before I go I want to give you one last surprise.”

9:07 AM: Hip Hop artist Will.I.Am

9:08 AM: Mr. I.Am is talking about the value of BlackBerry

9:08 AM: “A tool I use to connect on an entertainment level, it allows me to delivery content and connect with fans.”

9:09 AM: “I’m here because I want to be here, I’m passionate about this device…trumpets connect people, so does this device, thank you guys.”

9:10 AM: Mike and Will.I.Am are both off stage, we’re seeing some vendor testimonials on video.

9:36 AM: We’ve been listening to HP talk for around 20 minutes, and, well, it’s not really our cup of tea.