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Live from Samsung’s 2011 MWC event

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 7:02PM EST

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We’re here and ready to go at Samsung’s Mobile World Congress 2011 event. While the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Tab II have popped up online, we’re sure there will still be a few surprises in store for us. Hit the break for all the live coverage!

2:11PM:and that’s it! we’re going to try and get our dirty little mits on these new devices.

2:09PM:Dual-core processor, 8MP main camera, 2MP front camera, full HD recording and playback. 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.

2:08PM:WXGA screen, Android 3.0

2:08PM:10.1-inch screen, 599 grams, 6,200mAh battery

2:07PM:Belkin is on stage talking about products they wil make specific for Samsung.

2:06PM:Here are the images we could grab…

2:05PM:We’re being told we’ll get to see it tomorrow on the show floor.

2:03PM:No specs… no nothing

2:03PM:Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

2:03PM:aaaaaand we’re back…

1:44PM:Okay, this is dragging. We’re going to take a break and wait for the Tab II (hopefully it moves quicker).

1:43PM:“Game Hub will give users access to networked games.”

1:43PM:“30fps encoding and decoding of 1080p video.”

1:39PM:Google’s voice translation system will be built into the Galaxy S interface.

1:38PM:We just saw a video of a elderly woman who claims she was “living the best days of her life” thanks to her Galaxy S. Her name is Amy. The features we’re focusing on are Samsung Voice Commander and social hub.

1:34PM:“Samsung will be offering a more personal and powerful cloud service later this year… look for it.”

1:34PM:With be an HTC-like web portal that will allow for remote tracking, locking, whipping, and tracking.

1:33PM:Sidebar: Samsung is wheeling out these marketing managers that are explaining (at an excruciatingly slow space) the features of the Gally S II around these user narratives. It’s kind of whack.

1:31PM:AllShare (DLNA) media sharing.

1:31PM:“2 megapixel front-facing camera.”

1:31PM:“8-megapixel camera with LED Flash.”

1:30PM:We’re seeing a gag-inducing video about “Jim in Pittsburgh”… also known as Mr. Cold (don’t ask, just be thankful you weren’t here to see it).

1:28PM:But will be available in non-NFC models as well.

1:28PM:Galaxy S II will have NFC technology embedded in it.

1:27PM:Ok, he’s done.

1:26PM:David Wadhwani, Senior VP of Adobe, is on stage. Talking about collaboration with Samsung.

1:24PM:The Reader Hub will give users access to hundreds of magazines in dozens of languages.

1:24PM:“All new customizable UX.”

1:23PM:Super AMOLED Plus has 18% power reduction over previous AMOLEDs

1:23PM:0.01 millisecond response time on the Super AMOLED Plus display. IPS has a .25 millisecond response time.

1:22PM:We’ve just heard, for the 8th time, it has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display…

1:20PM:More user testimonial videos.

1:20PM:“Your life is a Galaxy” seems to be a new slogan.

1:20PM:We’re seeing a video that doesn’t tell us anything specific about the phone… other than its magical and thin.

1:19PM:8.49mm thick and 116grams in weight.

1:18PM:We keep hearing the same things over and over again… oh, here’s a new one: 1,600mAh battery.

1:17PM:“Samsung will be making a statement tonight about the mobile evolution.”

1:17PM:“More with less is this years theme.”

1:16PM:Thomas Richter and Andrew Coughlin are up next.

1:15PM:Mr. Shin is exiting.

1:14PM:“Powerful revolution of the original Galaxy S. Thinnest and lightest design ever and allows us to do more with less.”

1:14PM:Introducing four hubs: Reders hub, Game, Hub, Music Hub, and Social Hub.

1:13PM:“We’re delivering an intuitive UI to fulfill the content piece.”

1:12PM:Super AMOLED Plus, faster dual-core processor.

1:12PM:“Samsung will deliver this with the Samsung Galaxy S II.”

1:11PM:“They need to deliver in three areas: screen, speed, and content.”

1:11PM:“How do we create this new generation of smart mobile devices?”

1:10PM:“2011 is the year of smart mobile devices.”

1:09PM:“Samsung aims enrich our lives with mobile. Making it easy enough for everyone to enjoy.”

1:08PM:“Demand for smartphones and tablets will continue to grow steadily in 2011.”

1:08PM:“From everyone at Samsung, thank you.”

1:07PM:“Since launching the Samsung Galaxy S we’ve sold over 10 million units and become the #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world.”

1:07PM:“In 2010 we sold about 25 million smartphones and tablets.”

1:07PM:“Last year at MWC, I said 2010 would be remarkable year for mobile.”

1:06PM:“What is driving Samsung’s strategy in the short and long term?”

1:05PM:Here comes the President, JK Shin to tell us.

1:05PM:“I can promise that this will be time well spent. We’re going to showcase a revolutionary product.”

1:04PM:Talking about events Samsung has been running around Barcelona.

1:03PM:Giving thanks to various groups.

1:03PM:Mr. Titus is director of Public Communications (for those wondering).

1:01PM:Our MC for the evening is Kim Titus.

1:00PM:Sammy’s really bringing the drama. No persons of relevance on stage yet.

12:59PM:If you can’t tell, the left half of the orchestra is playing with Galaxy products… the right, actual instruments.


12:58PM:Cue the orchestra!

12:58PM:Corny videos? Check!

12:57PM:Gettings a countdown from 10… 9…

12:56PM:Lights are down… HERE WE GO!

12:48PM:Yup… still waiting.

12:37PM:Not much to report. Nondescript rock music and black, underwhelming podiums.

12:31PM:We should probably mention that Samsung decided not to provide Wi-Fi at this event. We, like the other 400 people here, are working off a mobile broadband card. *Fingers Crossed*

12:28PM:Looks like a full house.

12:26PM:We’re here, front and center. The event should begin right around 7:00PM CET, 1:00PM ET.