Back in March when we first told you about the LG VX9700 that would be making its way to Verizon Wireless, a brief but interesting conversation took place in the comments section. It went something like this:

my brother said there is no VX9700 coming out for verizon, he hasnt even heard of it, and hes the store manager there, he did say the EnV 2 is supposed to come out this month.

your brother is an idiot

Now we’re not necessarily agreeing that the guy’s brother is an idiot, but the image above speaks volumes. In the midst of 3G iPhone-mania, there will still be no iPhone coming to CDMA carriers anytime soon. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you do or maybe you pretend not to care. Whatever the case may be, Verizon does care and it continues to snatch up, shall we say, iPhone-inspired devices like the LG VX9700 Dare. That’s said, the Dare does indeed look pretty darn smooth. Word is the touchy-feely EVDO-packing Dare will be making its way to a Verizon store near you sometime in July. What do you think, drool or drop?

[Via engadget]


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