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KFC Denies it Sold Customer a Deep-Fried Rat – Watch the Video and Judge for Yourself

Published Jun 17th, 2015 4:56PM EDT
KFC Deep Fried Rat Facebook Video

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This is not something any PR department wants to deal with. A Facebook user named Devorise Dixon this week posted a video of his meal at a local KFC in Wilmington, California that appears to show an entire rat was deep fried and served to him. Check out the video below and see for yourself — it really does look like a rat would if you covered it in batter and tossed it into a deep frier.

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“Following an immediate investigation, no evidence was found to support this claim,” a KFC representative said after Dixon’s video of the alleged fried rat went viral.

Per local news station Fox59, Dixon told a Los Angeles radio station that he actually tasted the mystery meat lump before he realized it might be a rat.

“It was very nasty,” Dixon said. “I spit it out. I looked down at my hand and I realized that it was in the shape of a rat with a tail and everything in it.”

While eating a deep-fried rat is obviously no one’s idea of a good meal, we still have to ask whether this alleged KFC offense against food is any worse than its utterly revolting Double Down Dog, which needs no rats embedded inside to be disgusting.

Brad Reed
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