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An Italian doctor wants to perform head transplant surgery within 3 years… and he swears he’s not insane

Italian Neurosurgeon Head Transplant Surgery

Yes, head transplant surgery is something straight out of science fiction movies but one neurosurgeon believes it’s very close to becoming a reality. As Reuters informs us, Dr. Sergio Canavero last week pitched American doctors on his plan to conduct a full head transplant operation on Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian man with a degenerative spinal condition. Canavero says he wants to perform the operation in December of 2017 and he thinks it has a surprisingly high chance of succeeding.

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“The chances of this working are 90 percent,” he claims. “Of course there is a margin of risk… I prepared myself not only scientifically, but also psychologically which is equally important in order to tackle all of these attacks from several fronts.”

Some of these “attacks” are coming from a skeptical medical establishment that wonders if Canavero can actually pull off such a radical procedure, which in total will cost around $15 million.

“One of the first concerns obviously is can you just keep the brain alive while you are doing this type of procedure?” cardiothoracic surgeon Dr.Raymond Dieter tells Reuters.

You can watch Reuters’ full report on the experimental surgery by clicking here.

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