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Google Glass fan treated for severe addiction, experienced painful withdrawal symptoms

Published Oct 15th, 2014 6:00PM EDT
Is Google Glass Worth It

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It’s official: Too much Google Glass is very bad for you. The Guardian notices that a new article published in the journal Addictive Behaviours details treatment for one man’s severe addiction to Google Glass, which led him to experience painful withdrawal symptoms that were likened to withdrawal from alcoholism.

The man had apparently been using Google’s computerized headset for an insane 18 hours a day and would only remove the device while sleeping or showering. He often became irritable and argumentative when he didn’t have the device on and even started having dreams in which he viewed everything through Glass’s tiny little window.

Dr. Andrew Doan, who co-wrote the study on the patient, said that Internet and technology addiction is something that psychologists and neuroscientists are only beginning to understand.

“People used to believe alcoholism wasn’t a problem – they blamed the person or the people around them,” Doan explained to The Guardian. “It’s just going to take a while for us to realize that this is real.”

We’ve heard lots of reports in the past of people removing Google Glass after the device made them feel sick and gave them headaches after wearing it too much but this might be the first time we’ve heard of someone getting flat-out addicted to it.

Brad Reed
Brad Reed Staff Writer

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