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How do you cure iPhone addiction? With the ‘limited functionality’ of a BlackBerry

iPhone vs BlackBerry

British politician Ed Miliband was recently looking for a way to spend less time with his head buried in his iPhone. And seeing as how the Apple Watch isn’t out yet, Miliband did the next best thing — he dropped the iPhone altogether and bought a BlackBerry.

During a recent interview with Absolute Radio, Miliband said he opted for a BlackBerry because, well, it has “limited functionality” relative to the iPhone.


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There is certainly no shortage of articles out there bashing BlackBerry and highlighting the company’s dramatic fall from grace, but this roundabout semi-endorsement of BlackBerry — for all the wrong reasons — is especially bad precisely because it’s a true story.

Interviewer: I think I read about that you had to give up your iPhone because you were so obsessive about checking Twitter and political commentary. Is that true?

Miliband: Yeah, the good thing about a BlackBerry, and I’m going to insult the BlackBerry makers now, is that it’s sort of harder to do those things. And so it’s more limited functionality I think they call it. But the best times are when I switch off my BlackBerry.

Following that, Miliband added that he’s a secret Major League Baseball fan with a surprising affinity for the Boston Red Sox. As a result, Miliband said that he was particularly partial to the At Bat app which, surprise surprise, may not be updated for BlackBerry devices ahead of the 2015 season.

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