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Video: New iPhone 6 concepts may provide the most stunning vision yet

iPhone 6 Specs, Design, Size

A new iPhone 6 concept video presents a new branding vision for the upcoming iPhone line of handsets, a new design and hardware details that show us what Apple’s new iPhones could offer if the company actually wanted to keep up with competitors when it comes to smartphone specs. However, Apple has traditionally stayed away from competing with specs on paper, focusing instead on the overall experience its devices can offer. And of course, the strategy doesn’t forgo performance — Apple’s current flagship iPhone 5s slaughters rivals in performance tests.

Designer Simone Evangelista imagined three new iPhones, including an “Air Mini” an “Air” and an “Air Pro,” with designs that resemble Apple’s latest iPads rather than previous iPhone models. With screen sizes ranging from 3.5-inches to 5.5-inches, the new iPhones propose certain specs that remind us of current Android smartphones.

Evangelista lists RAM from 2GB to 4GB, while battery size goes up to 3,500 mAh for the iPhone phablet. Other features include A7 and A8 processors, “super IGZO thin displays,” with the Air Pro model getting an “improved graphic chip” as well.

Just like the plethora of new iPhone concepts trying to guess what Apple’s next handsets will have to offer, this iPhone 6 concept has nothing to do with Apple’s actual iPhone plans for this year. The only things that may be somewhat accurate concern the processor, operating system and size – this year’s iPhones are expected to launch with a new A8 CPU and  iOS 8 on board, and Apple is reportedly considering multiple sizes for them.

The iPhone Air concept video follows below.

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