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Here’s one way the iPhone 6 may still fall short of the competition

iPhone 6 Specs Camera

Although Apple’s iPhone definitely has a terrific camera, it does fall short in one area: It uses digital image stabilization technology instead of optical image stabilization technology, which means that its camera may produce lower quality videos and may not work well in dimly lit areas. MacRumors points us to a new report from ESM China analyst Sun Chang Xu, who claims that things won’t be getting better on this front with the iPhone 6, as Apple plans to stick with digital image stabilization to make sure the device’s camera can fit into its thin frame without producing a bump in the device’s casing.

That said, there’s a good chance that the iPhone 6’s camera will still be a big improvement over the iPhone 5s’s camera because Xu also claims that Apple is boosting its pixel size to 1.75 um from 1.5 um on the iPhone 5s, which should result in a higher overall picture quality.

While many iPhone fans who double amateur filmmakers may have been pining for OIS in the iPhone 6, it makes sense that Apple would stick with DIS for the time being. Recent leaks have suggested that the iPhone 6 will have a frame that will be just 6 millimeters thick, which means that fitting in a camera with OIS technology would have been a very difficult squeeze.

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